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Selling property with tenants in Scotland

selling property with tenants Scotland

Selling  property with tenants Scotland? Has your buy to let bubble burst? Or is the new Repairing Standard the final straw? Or are you just getting out when the going's good? Selling Scottish rented property needn't be hard work but sometimes is.

Surprised to find yourself here? Property can take you by surprise. So can life. Perhaps you never expected to be selling  your property but regardless of whether you're selling for personal or business reasons we can help you pull your cash out now.


Selling property with tenants in Scotland..

Deciding to sell Scottish rented property throws up a number of issues that you don't have when selling residential property. You could find yourself having to deal with issues of access, loss of income and the condition of the property itself.

 selling property with tenants Scotland

When it comes to selling property with tenants in Scotland solicitors and estate agents may not welcome you with open arms but we will. We can help you dispose of your property quickly so you can get your cash quickly. In fact if your property has a happy tenant in place so much the better. All in all this means less hassle for you and less disruption for your tenant.

We hope you didn't, but if you did buy your Scottish investment property the lazy way, through a sourcing company, it may not have turned out to be the great buy you were led to believe.  Sourcing companies can and do "cherry pick" for themselves. Makes sense, doesn't it? But even if your investment hasn't performed as expected, we can help. But there are exceptions..

selling property with tenants Scotland


The dangers of new build properties..

When it comes to selling property with tenants in Scotland new build properties don't immediately spring to mind. However they're such a special case that it's worth singling them out.

Most professional investors know there's more to making money from buy to let investments than attending a few seminars on buying off-plan or new build apartments. In fact this type of property can be notoriously difficult to dispose of...And it's getting harder due to the change in the finance climate.

selling property with tenants Scotland

Even in cities where development is less mature, such as Dundee, experienced investors are finding it difficult to off-load or finance apartments. Increasing lenders are taking the view that such developments are risky or too risky, and if they'll finance them it's only on a low LTV. This is true even if you have a head start and are selling a new build property in Scotland with tenants. The true value of this type of property can be very difficult to determine.

Even in a better financial climate it takes this kind of property much longer to show any real gains. Three years or more is not unusual (what they don't tell you at the seminars..!). Selling new build investment property quickly you have to be super-realistic about the price you can achieve unless you bought extremely well.

selling property with tenants Scotland


Tips to sell well

No matter how you decide to sell your tenanted property in Scotland there are some things you can do to help get a smooth, quicker sale.

Selling property with tenants in Scotland is generally easier if all the paperwork for the tenancy and property is up to scratch and your tenants are reliable or at least on-side to cooperate for viewings or meetings. These factors are probably more important than the condition of the property.

If your property isn't looking its best it won't put off professional buyers. However, if you'd like to do the right thing by your tenants (and we know many small investors do..) then you need to be careful you sell to someone committed to keeping your tenants in place.

selling property with tenants Scotland


Sell Scottish tenanted  property the easy way..

Once you get down to it, selling property with tenants in Scotland on the open market can be a long drawn out affair. Our service offers you a guaranteed sale and we pay all your costs. And we'll look after your tenants too.

What's more we are just as happy to help whether your tenanted property is in Edinburgh or Glasgow or Dundee or further North.

And we can make life easier in other ways too. Sell your  tenanted Scottish property directly to us and we'll time the sale to suit your personal and business situation.

We help Scottish landlords dispose of mainly traditional style properties in all parts of  Scotland, on a strictly "no cost" basis.

If you'd like find out more about selling property with tenants in Scotland directly to us and how we can help call 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form below. 

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