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Selling tenanted property quickly

selling tenanted property quickly

Selling tenanted property quickly?  Perhaps you've decided now is the time to cash in and take profits? Alternatively, perhaps you've identified a property investment which hasn't performed as you'd wished? Or you're releasing equity quickly?

The bottom line? Whether you're selling underperforming property investments or your star performers we can assist professionally, and quickly throughout the UK including Scotland and Wales.

selling your tenanted property quickly

As with the other services we offer, our primary aim is to take the pressure off you, the landlord. For landlords this means allowing you to maximise the gains on your properties in the most tax efficient way - we can time the sale to suit you.

It's a fact of life that the gains your properties have made in the last five years may not be repeated over the next five, making it an expedient time to sell. Alternatively, you may be just want to sell a rented house for purely personal reasons.

selling your tenanted property quickly

There are many reasons for selling tenanted property quickly:

- poor cash flow due to previous draw downs?

- mortgages coming off fixed interest rates?

- flattening capital growth?

- rising mortgage costs?

- troublesome tenants?

- CGT and other tax liabilities to manage

- releasing equity?

- regular voids killing profits?

- cost of repair and maintenance?

- stress and worry?

- reducing your exposure to property investments?

- retiring landlord?

- dissolving a business partnership?

- property owners divorcing or separating

- selling ex-Housing Association / Social Landlord properties

No matter what your reason for selling, the bottom line is that if you're selling tenanted property quickly in the UK we can help.

selling your tenanted property quickly

Tenanted property can be tricky to sell

Selling tenanted property quickly with tenants in situ has pluses and minuses depending on who you speak to. Certainly it presents practical difficulties. Estate agents may not see the real potential in your properties. Some can even be quite negative about taking tenanted properties on their books.

Buyers sourced through agents are hoping to buy a property with vacant possession, and often in "walk-in" condition. As tenants may put buyers off, estate agents may down-value your property accordingly. Also your property may not be in the tip top condition buyers looking for a "home" expect.

selling your tenanted property quickly

Then, of course, there are your tenants.

We know that a number of you want to do the "right thing" by your tenants. Identifying another investor buyer then becomes the more logical alternative. After all in your own mind you may be selling tenanted property quickly but you're also selling a "business".

Serving a Notice to Quit on your tenants with the aim of making your properties appeal to a wider audience can leave your cash flow exposed. A quick cash sale to a professional buyer alleviates these problems.

selling your tenanted property quickly

There are other issues with selling tenanted property quickly. Access to the property can be limited, and you may be concerned not to upset your existing letting / managing agent. Some investors simply never buy properties with existing tenants which is why many tenanted properties don't sell well at auction.

Some landlords are suspicious about owners and tenants possibly colluding in some way. Or, simply prefer to find their own tenants. And if that was true when the property market was looking healthier it's most certainly true now when everybody's getting more risk averse.

  selling your tenanted property quickly


Your options for selling investment property quickly

If you're selling tenanted property quickly there are a number of options worth exploring depending on how pressing your sale is, and your circumstances. You can try selling investment property using:

- estate agents

- your tenants

- investment clubs

- your investor/landlord contacts

- letting agent contacts

- property auctions

- professional property buyers

Of all the above options the most frequently over-looked is simply asking your tenants whether they'd be interested in buying your property. Or perhaps they know a likely buyer?

selling your tenanted property quickly

Alternatively, on a strictly "no fee" basis we can help with selling your tenanted property quickly, whether you're selling one property or selling a whole portfolio, regardless of the condition of the properties. Selling buy to let property couldn't be easier!

If you'd like to explore how we can help call  0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form below.

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