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Selling your UK property from abroad

Need quick house sale help

Selling your UK property from abroad?

We have a solution for selling property quickly in Scotland, England and Wales that will take the headache away.

Why not avoid the traditional sales process altogether? Sell for cash!

By selling your property quickly off-market to a professional cash

property buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help you could have your cash in double-quick time.

Your time is a precious commodity. As is your money.

Selling your UK property from abroad will use up both. Selling at arm's length is never as easy as it sounds.

Solve two problems at once. Get cash quickly from the sale of your UK property and save time.

Who needs such a time consuming distraction?

Selling for cash might be attractive to you if you'd prefer keep your time for other things and get the proceeds of your sale quickly.

Selling your UK property from abroad may not involve much hands on time. That's true. But that doesn't mean you won't be thinking about it. Does it?

Selling on the open market in the UK is, and always has been, unpredictable.

A conventional sale through an estate agent can take three or four months. Or even longer if all or part of the market is sluggish. It can take even longer if you're not fortunate enough to have a chain-free buyer.

Another potential problem with selling through an estate agent is that your sale isn't guaranteed to happen. Nothing can be taken for granted until the day you complete. A significant proportion of sales fail no matter what market conditions are like. They just tend to fail for different reasons.

Right now, with interest rates rising, and uncertainty in the housing market, more buyers are re-considering their financial position.

Selling your UK property from abroad also means you have to cope with the time difference.

It's manageable within Europe, but can be a stretch if you're based on the west coast of the US, Australia or  Japan.

Selling your UK property from abroad on the open-market, is ideal if you have both the time and money.





It's not ideal if the logistics are awkward or you need to get your hands on a large amount of cash quickly.

Do you remember the last time you managed a house sale in the UK? We bet that was stressful enough. Coping with all the details when you're miles away is far worse. But it can be done - if you find a good estate agent and the market is on your side.

But put yourself in the average estate agent's shoes for a moment.

Which property sales do you think agents are likely to prioritise? New instructions always get a push. True.

But in a slow UK property market if you can't have a face-to-face relationship with your agent, your absence is likely to put you at a serious disadvantage. Other vendors will be vying for your agent's attention too.

Perhaps you're an investor based outside the UK with a property portfolio to sell?  Or just a single property? If you have UK rental properties they may not be suitable for selling on the open market anyway. Or properties in poor condition?

Perhaps the timing of your house sale and emigration didn't coincide the way you'd planned? Or perhaps you're emigrating now and weighing-up your options?

Perhaps you've been working outside the UK off and on for years. Or have inherited a UK property

Whatever your circumstances..

Selling your UK property from abroad on the open market will be harder than you imagine.


One answer to selling your UK property from abroad is to let us buy it. For cash...

There are pros and cons of course.

You're unlikely to receive the open-market value of your property (what it would sell for today through an estate agent) when you sell to a cash buyer. One way to think of it is that the service is paid for using some of your equity.  But perhaps you feel selling your UK property from abroad this way is attractive because the advantages outweigh the sole disadvantage:

1. Unlike an estate agent, professional cash property buyers like Sell Your House Quick Help offer a certain, guaranteed sale. You can relax in the knowledge your sale will complete quickly. We even put cash against our guarantee. Selling a UK property from abroad will never be so simple.

2. We don't charge for valuations (ever). We use the same independent valuation methodology used by many of the lenders and surveyors. We operate in a transparent way, so always share our research with you. We make selling a UK property from abroad fair as well as fast.

3.Your legal fees are paid by us. You'll have no out-of-pocket expenses.  You can avoid the cost of a Home Information Pack too. As and when Home Information Packs are introduced you can avoid them altogether by selling off-market.

4. A professionally managed process - nothing left to chance. It'll be the smoothest sale you'll ever experience. There is none of the hassle you might have experienced when dealing with buyers introduced via an agent. We don't try to re-negotiate or change our minds.

5. You're property will be sold within a month (in days if we have to). You can walk away relaxed in the knowledge your cash is in the bank.

You have a range of options when selling your UK property from abroad. Selling to Sell Your House Quick Help is by far the quickest way to get your property sold and off your hands.


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