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Selling your home in Scotland for cash

Selling your home in Scotland for cash

Selling your home in Scotland for cash... Ever wondered what this means? What's involved?

Selling a house for cash generally means opting out of the traditional house selling process.

You'll know that the over-whelming majority of  house buyers on the open market require loan finance in the form of mortgages to buy their


Even in Scotland, where the house selling process used to be regarded as quicker than in the rest of the UK, it may not get you what you want when you want it.

Selling your home in Scotland for cash refers to the practise of using a professional cash property buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help. It simply offers you an alternative way to sell your home. For cash...

....A way of selling your house to get the proceeds in double-quick time. It allows you to be certain your home will be sold.

Under some circumstances Scottish homeowners believe it's a service worth having. For some it's convenient. For others it's essential for their plans. It's an ideal service if your property or circumstances are hard to accommodate within the traditional sales process.

Selling your home in Scotland for cash solves three problems at once.

You get cash quickly from the sale of your Scottish property and save time and the sale is guaranteed to happen.

Selling your home in Scotland for cash

Selling your home in Scotland for cash might be attractive if you'd prefer to keep your time for other things and get the proceeds of your sale quickly.

Selling on the open market is unpredictable.

A conventional sale can take months. Or even longer if all or part of the market is sluggish. It can take even longer if you're not fortunate enough to have a chain-free buyer.

Another potential problem with selling on the open market is that your sale isn't guaranteed to happen. Nothing can be taken for granted until the day you complete. A significant proportion of Scottish house sales fail no matter what market conditions are like. They just tend to fail for different reasons.

Right now, with interest rates rising, and uncertainty in the housing market, more buyers are re-considering their financial position.

Selling your home in Scotland on the open-market is ideal if you have





both the time and money.

It's not ideal if the logistics of your sale are awkward or you need to get your hands on a large amount of cash quickly.

Perhaps one of these apply to you...

Deadline for moving?

Relocating within Scotland?

House not selling?

Moving to a larger home or down- sizing?

Already bought another home?

Facing repossession in Scotland?

Reduced earnings?

Want to get on top of your debts?

Had enough of renting out your former home?

Already based abroad?

Retiring in the UK or abroad?

Moving to sheltered housing?

Emigrating from Scotland?

Inherited a property in Scotland? 

Need access to quick cash?

Whatever your circumstances..

Selling your home in Scotland for cash can make sense.


Selling your home in Scotland for cash to Sell Your House Quick Help..

Weighing-up the pros and cons..

Unlike an estate agent, professional cash property buyers like Sell Your House Quick Help offer a certain, guaranteed sale.

Selling on the open market in Scotland, even on a fixed price, does not offer this benefit. We buy "on demand" for cash. It's convenient. You move when you want to.  Regular house buyers on the open market pick and choose. They're looking for a home.

You're unlikely to receive the open market value of your property  from any cash buyer (what it would sell for today through a solicitor or estate agent). This is true even on the open market where property is sold occasionally for outright cash. One way to think of it is that the service is paid for out of your equity, making it a non-cash cost.. 

A guaranteed sale...

But with a guaranteed sale to a cash buyer you can relax in the knowledge your sale will complete quickly. We even put cash against our guarantee.

Selling your home in Scotland for cash to a professional buyer is quite unlike a traditional sale in another way too. But it's important.

Getting what you want..

A professional buyer will have a pot of cash available to buy your property. Or a pot of cash available to help you, depending on how you look at things.

Some of this cash can be used to clear debts or help in other ways that a traditional buyer wouldn't dream of. At Sell Your House Quick Help we always ask what you'd like, what your plans are and what we can do to help.  And we listen too.

Beginning to see the advantages of selling your home in Scotland for cash?

No cash costs..

We don't charge fees.

We don't charge for valuations (ever). We use the same independent valuation methodology used by many of the lenders and surveyors. We operate in a transparent way, so always share our research with you. And when we commission surveys to double-check our own valuations we use one of the largest firms of surveyors in Scotland. We make selling your home in Scotland for cash fair as well as fast.

Your legal fees are paid by us too.

Professionally managed..

You'll find it refreshing to know that the whole process is professionally managed by us. Nothing is left to chance. It'll be the smoothest house sale you'll ever experience. There is none of the hassle you might have experienced when dealing with buyers introduced via a solicitor or  agent.

Your property will be sold within a month (in days if we have to). You can walk away or rent back relaxed in the knowledge your cash is in the bank.

Quick and certain..

You have a range of options when selling your home in Scotland. However selling your home in Scotland for cash to a professional property buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help is by far the quickest way to get your house sold and off your hands. It's also the only way of selling your home that gives you the peace of mind your house will be sold.

Unsure what's for the best? You're welcome to ring us on 0800 043 0669 for an informal chat. We'll happily answer your questions and explain what's involved. Alternatively complete one of the online forms.


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