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Selling your house fast...cutting to the bottom line

Selling your house fast is now easier than ever before.

There are three essential elements of any successful house sale:

  • How you sell
  • How you influence the selling process
  • Deciding what you want most from the sale.

    Put another way. There are more ways to sell than you might initially have thought of. What's more, you can influence your ability to clinch a quick sale by understanding how you can influence the sales process.

    Selling your house fast - know thy self

    The third bit of the jigsaw is being honest with yourself about what you really want from the sale - and why - this will help you assess your bargaining power in the sales process. The outcome of this process should be reflected in the price of your house.

    You may be sitting reading this thinking, "I knew that. Tell me something I don't know", but you'd be surprised how many times vendors let logic fly out of the window. It's probably one of the most common reason why sales become protracted or a house fails to attract offers.

    It's for these reasons, where we are focusing on selling your house fast, we're going to give you a primer on on how you can influence the sales process and the need to get in tune with what you really want (need) from the sale.

    Influencing the sales process

    Selling your house fast demands that you:

  • Can really see your house as others see it
  • Make your house desirable within your time frame
  • Price your house appropriately
  • Work out how to get quality buyers to view your house

    And that's all there is to it. Except, deciding what you really want from the sale and finding the buyer who can give you what you want whether that's in terms of timing or hard cash or both.

    Understanding your position as the seller

    Selling your house fast means you need to consider:

  • The time pressure are you under
  • What financial concerns are important
  • What happens if your house 'sticks' on the market
  • The condition of the local housing market
  • How attractive your house is likely to be to buyers

    You can also go one stage further and think about what kind of buyer you are looking for. This will help you when it comes to deciding how to sell your house.

    What kind of buyer are you looking for?

    You might think it odd that we are even having a discussion about this, but deciding the kind of buyer you want is an important aspect of selling your house fast.

    You might want to consider:

  • Avoiding buyers involved in chains or not - chain free buyers have superior bargaining power but can buy more quickly
  • Choosing buyers who have pre-approved funding in place or not or who are buying with cash
  • Whether your house is likely to appeal to a specialist buyer or a wide range of buyers

    Ultimately selling your house fast may mean pricing it attractively, but clever marketing and your house's potential can off-set this to some degree. For example, one option is to market your house at its open market value but to add X% discount for completion within a month.

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