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Sitemap - finding your way around

Our sitemap will help you locate the pages of most interest to you.

Just starting to think about selling your house? Our sitemap will to steer you through your sale.

Interested in property auctions? Selling quickly? Distress sale? Our guide can help...it's packed with tips and fast track fixes. All of it's aimed at helping you sell your house quickly for a better price.

Remember. We buy, we advise and our guides will help you sell.

Using the sitemap you'll find so much practical  information, why not make a coffee and have a browse? Start making your quick sale happen today!


The Business






House Valuation Report

Valuations for house sellers

who need a quick house sale



About Us

UK Property Buyers
About us and our approach


Why You Might Need Our Help

Reasons for seeking a quick house sale


Quick House Sale Help

How we can help you


Selling In A Slow Market

Ideas for selling in a slow market


Sell Property Quickly


Sell Property Quickly

Getting help to sell quickly in Edinburgh and beyond


Must Sell Property

Even if you must sell property get the best deal you can


Quick Property Sale

The Alternative Way To Sell


How to sell property quickly

How to sell property quickly - even in a slump


Quick Private Property Sale

Trying your own hand

Sell Properties Quickly

Selling multiple properties

Scottish Property Buyers


Scottish Property Buyers

Helping homeowners in Scotland sell or rent back


Your Scottish Property Problems Solved!

Solving Scottish property problems


Unsold House Or Flat In Scotland?

Dealing with an unsold house or flat in Scotland


Sell Your House In Scotland Fast

Sell your house in Scotland fast with our help




Welsh Property Buyers


Welsh Property Buyers

We solve property problems in Wales


Selling Swansea Property Fast

Selling fast in Swansea


Sell Cardiff Property Fast

Fast property sales in Cardiff


Sell Your House Fast in Wales

Fast cash house sales in Wales




Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us



Our Services

Selling Your House Quickly - Our Services
Help for homeowners trying to overcome awkward selling situations




The advantages of selling your house to, or through, us

Need An Instant Property Sale?

The closest thing to an instant property sale

Contact Us (again)
Fast track contact form


House Valuation Report (again)

Valuations for house sellers

who need a quick house sale



Cash house sales

Cash House Sales

Sell your home fast


Quick House Sale To Pay Off  Debts - Is It Right For You?

Paying off debts with a quick house sale


Pay Off Mortgage Arrears With A Cash House Sale

Using a cash house sale to clear arrears


Facing Repossession

How a cash sale can help


Selling Your UK Property From Abroad

Help if you're selling from abroad


Quick Cash Sale - Inherited Property

Options for selling inherited property


 Guaranteed Cash Property Sales

A guaranteed sale explained


Selling Your Home In Scotland For Cash

Selling your home for cash in Scotland


Selling Your Home In England For Cash

Selling your home for cash in England


Selling Your Property In Wales For Cash

Selling your property in Wales for cash


Pay Off Your Mortgage With A Quick House Sale

Using a cash sale to pay off your mortgage.




Speed Up Your Property Settlement

Getting your settlement sorted quicker


When Divorce Forces You To Sell

Selling your house when divorcing



An overview

A Solution For House Repossession

A solution for house repossession

Avoiding Repossession in Scotland

The Scottish system

The Repossession Process
The repossession timetable

Save your home from repossession

Mistakes to avoid

Stopping your house repossession

Using Form N244

Stopping Repossession
A range of options

Sell Property Before Repossession

Sell  As A Last Resort Before Its Too Late

Avoid Landlord Repossession

Help for landlords


Tenanted  Property


Selling Tenanted Property Quickly

Help for landlords selling quickly

Sell a rented house

The options for selling a rented house

Selling Property With Tenants In Scotland

Selling with tenants in Scotland


Selling Property With Tenants In Wales

Selling with tenants in Wales



Sell investment properties


Sell investment properties

Sell investment properties to serious buyers

How To Sell Investment Property

How to sell investment property




Quick House Sale Scotland Services

Our range of quick house sale Scotland services


Edinburgh Property Buyers Will Help You Sell Quickly

Edinburgh Property Buyers


We Buy Edinburgh Flats Quickly

We buy flats in Edinburgh


Glasgow Property Buyers

Our Glasgow property buyers


Dundee Property Buyers

Buying Dundee property


Leith Property Buyers

Buying in Leith, Edinburgh


Fife Property Buyers

Buying in Fife


Quick House Sale Edinburgh

Getting a quick house sale in Edinburgh

Fast House Sale Edinburgh

Selling fast in Edinburgh




Quick House Sale England Services

Services to help you get a quick house sale in England





Quick House Sale Wales Services

Getting a quick house sale in Wales with our help

Quick House Sale In Swansea

Quick house sales in Swansea

Quick Cardiff House Sale

Quick sale in Cardiff


Swansea Property Buyers

Services of our Swansea buyers


Cardiff Property Buyers

How our Cardiff buyers can help



Frequently asked questions


Contact Us (again)
Fast track contact form




Contacts Us

Contact Us
Fast track contact form




House Seller Blog


House Seller Blog

News and views..







Directory of high quality resources for house sellers looking for a quick sale




Terms and Conditions


The Small Print

Privacy, copyright and liability





The Selling Guides



House Valuation

House Valuation
How to value your house


House Valuation In A Slow Market - Tips

Some pointers on house valuation in a slow market


House Valuation in Scotland For A Slow Market

Thoughts on dealing with the dreaded offers over system


House Selling

Our house selling guides


House Valuation Report

Valuations for house sellers

who need a quick house sale




Tips and Guides


House Selling

Our guides can help you sell quicker


House Selling Tips - Share Yours With Us!

Our best house selling tips and yours



Managing A Quick House Sale


House selling and the credit crunch

What the credit crunch means for your sale


Key issues when planning a quick sale
Getting a flying start with your quick sale

Legal Stuff
House conveyancing for a quick sale

Sell in a Weekend
Quick tactics for increasing the appeal of your house

Managing the Risks
Managing the Ďweakest linkí of your sale

Tips for Selling Fast
Finding a buyer ASAP


Cost of Selling a House (again)

Understanding the hard and soft costs involved in selling

Fixing a Problem Sale
Getting your sale back on track


Quick Guide

Quick Guide
An overview of the main ways to sell your house

How will YOU Sell?
Why itís different strokes for different folks

The Cost of Selling a House

The hard and soft costs involved in selling

Using Estate Agents

Selling quickly using agents


Using Property Auctions

Selling quickly using auctions


Using Cash Buyers

Get a quick sale with cash buyers


Selling Privately

Getting a private sale


Emergency Help - Top Tips

Tips for getting your house sold


What If Your Buyer Drops Out?

Getting a quick sale when your buyer drops out


Selling A House That's Stuck On The Market

What to do when your house is sticking

Selling Ex Council Properties And Selling Fast - Tips

Tips on selling ex-council properties - especially for first time house sellers




Estate Agents

Estate Agents
A to Z of using agents

Top Tips
Our top tips for getting the most out of your sale

Legal Stuff (again)
House conveyancing for a quick sale

Online Estate Agents
Pros and Cons

Home Staging Tips (again)
Maximising the appeal of your home

Choosing an Estate Agent
Picking the right agent for your sale

House Valuations and Estate Agents
The truth about valuations

House Valuation (again)
How to value your house

Estate Agents Contracts
Understanding the small print

Sole Selling Rights
Knowing exactly what youíre getting into

Estate Agentsí Fees
The money side - making them earn it

Getting A Faster House Sale
Speeding up your sale

The Best Buyers (again)
Finding and identifying the best buyers

House Unsold?
Tips for fixing problems

Selling Fast Without An  Agent
Alternatives for selling fast


Property Auctions

Property Auctions
The A to Z of selling at auction

Top Tips

Six top tips for selling at auction

Auctions Today
Who is buying what

What Sells
Are auctions right for your property?

Auction Pricing
The inís and outís of  pricing

Finding Auctions or Auctioneers
Locating auctions

Choosing an Auction
Assessing property auctions

Legal Stuff
The legal pack explained

Alternatives to Auctions
Other options for a quick sale


Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers
A to Z of cash property buyers

Why a Quick Sale?
Why a quick sale can be crucial

Using Cash Buyers in a Slow Market
Using cash buyers - Q & A

Top Tips
Six top tips for using a homebuying service

Buy My House
The services provided by a cash buyer

Getting Out of Debt
Strategies for the cash strapped

Clear Debts
Help for those with persistent financial difficulties

The Process
The stages of selling to a cash buyer

Cash Buyers Explained
The different types of cash buyer

Contacting Cash Property Buyers
Making first contact - what to expect

House Valuation (again)
How to value your house

Getting a Fair Cash Offer
Best tactics for getting a fair cash offer

House Buying Company
Whatís on offer from cash buyers?


Selling Privately

Selling Privately
The A to Z of selling privately

Top Tips
Six top tips for selling privately

Marketing your property

Property Websites
Using the web to find buyers

Organising Adverts
Using newspapers to advertise

Writing your Advert
Doís and doníts of  writing your advertisement

For Sale Boards
How important are they?

Home Staging Tips
Maximising the appeal of your home

The Best Buyers
Finding and identifying the best buyers

Your House Sale Negotiations
op tips for smooth negotiating



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