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Unsold house or flat in Scotland?

unsold house or flat in scotland


Do you have an unsold house or flat in Scotland? If you have failed to find a buyer through traditional means - we can help.


The Scottish "offers over" system


The Scottish "offers over" system traditionally favours sellers. Of course, much depends on how low the offers over price is set. When it's set low relative to the full survey value it can create something of a feeding frenzy for certain types of property. Good for sellers, bad news for buyers. It's not unusual for properties to sell at levels in excess of their full surveyed value.


unsold house or flat in Scotland



But when the market starts to show signs of stalling it is exactly this system that can lead to properties having prolonged closing dates or being switched over to a fixed price.


House seller greed? No.


Even in Scotland houses or flats go unsold


As Scots ourselves we know the Scottish system of buying and selling property has created a very optimistic house selling culture. We simply have less of a tradition of negotiating house prices.


unsold house or flat in Scotland



Starter flats languishing on the Glasgow market for three months and more? Edinburgh investors trying to off-load property quickly because their buyer is messing them around? Surely not? Well, yes. Right here, right now, as of September 2007. 


We're being approach by increasing numbers of unhappy house sellers who have an unsold house or flat in Scotland and whose patience is frankly, wearing thin.



unsold house or flat in Scotland



The Scottish property market is probably the most resilient in the UK. Traditionally, this has been due to good affordability and the house selling process itself.


Times have changed.


Affordability is now a hot political topic. The house selling process is under going changes. Even in Scotland you can't count on getting a quick sale.


And if your property needs work, whether its just updating or wholesale modernisation it may still not sell or attract the right sort of offers. If this describes your unsold house or flat in Scotland it might be time for a re-think.


unsold house or flat in Scotland



This type of property can sometimes best be sold to a professional. Many house hunters are only interested in properties in "walk-in" condition. Other properties are "in-between" markets. They need serious updating but don't have sufficient potential to attract offers from amateur or professional developers.




unsold house or flat in Scotland



Do you have an unsold house or flat in Scotland?


Like everybody else Scottish homeowners want a smooth, trouble-free house sale. And once the decision is made to upsticks we all want it all to happen quickly.


The number of Scottish house sales that never make it to the finishing line is rising. Meanwhile the clock is ticking, and mortgages must get paid. More Scottish homeowners are coming unstuck when they assume their existing house will sell. Meanwhile they put an offer on their new property. The difficulties caused through having an unsold house or flat just go on..


Help yourself - get your unsold house or flat off your hands


If your unsold house or flat is giving you grief - talk to us.


At the very least we should be able to give you some price or valuation information to allow you to double-check your pricing. Or we can have an initial chat about possibly buying your unsold house or flat in Scotland. Now wouldn't that really take the pressure off?


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