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Your house is not selling in a slow UK market..Tips for a fix..

Need quick house sale help

So your house is not selling in a slow UK market? It's no fun is it?

It can happen through no fault of your own. Or your agent's. There are simply too few buyers and too many properties for sale.

These are the laws of supply and demand. They govern every house sale - regardless of the state of the market.

If your house is not selling in a slow UK market don't give up hope! Houses continue to change hands no matter what the pundits say.

You just have to adjust your selling strategy to take account of the state of the housing market.

You DO have a range of options...Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You can use them in tandem or if you aren't in a rush, pick and choose.

Making the most of your house..

We're all pretty hopeless at being objective when it comes to our own homes.

But there are times when you have to be. This is one of them.

Just remember YOUR house is not selling in a slow UK market. And YOU can't move until its sold.

Truthfully, can you think of any aspect of your house that might be putting potential buyers off?  Focus on the things you can change.

Have a heart-to-heart with your agent. You'd be surprised how many house sellers don't tap into their agent's know-how. How does your house stack up against others in the same price bracket?

It surprises us that ninety-nine vendors out of a hundred don't bother to make this assessment.

Fixing the finances - using incentives to clinch a sale

There are two types of incentives you can try. Incentives for your agent or incentives for buyers.  

When your house is not selling in a slow UK market and you don't have a deadline by which you must sell, this is probably going to be your most effective option. But it needs to be handled with care.

You can super-charge your agent (or more likely their team of negotiators) by offering cash and non-cash incentives.

A case of wine or champagne for the negotiator who successful sells your house might be sufficient. Always take a steer from your agent. Or, you can offer your agent an extra payment if your house sells within a specified time frame at a pre-determined price or higher.

When it comes to attracting the few buyers who are around money talks...It talks in a slow market just as it does in a fast moving market when vendors get greedy...........so here are


More tips for selling your house in a slow UK market

Here are four more ideas to try if your house is not selling in a slow UK market.

You can reduce the price of your house "for quick sale". You can also think of reducing your price so it's lower than the asking price of comparable properties on the market. Or try offering to pay the buyer's stamp duty or moving costs or give  a cash-back payment.

Buyer incentives can be critical.  If local builders are offering packages of incentives to tempt buyers take note.

If these buyers are the same ones who'd consider your house you really do have to jump on the bandwagon.  Builders offer incentives for a reason - they work. Remember it's your house that's unsold.

If you get to the stage where you simply MUST sell your house to raise cash or move because of a fixed deadline then consider using the services of a professional cash property buyer. This will definitely get your house sold in a slow market.

You won't get as much for your property as you would on the open market but that's probably not the point, is it? Right now your house is not selling in a slow UK market. So the cash buyer takes the risk. In fact more risk than in a good market, buys your house, letting you move or even rent back.

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